Frequently Asked Questions

Logging shows high number of failed calls.

One possible cause of a high number of failed calls can be caused by croud sourced applications such as Truecaller and Hiya. These applications can mark a call as a 'Telemarketer' and in extreme cases, can even hide the call from the user.

Hiya is installed by default on many Android phones.


You can review your number on (opens new window)

If you find your number has been marked in such a fashion, it might be time to use a new outbound caller ID.

Why can I not see my numbers?

Numbers need to be enabled for use in Cloud Dial.

See (opens new window) to learn how.

Why is Cloud Dial not making any calls?

Cloud Dial has built in 'Dialling Hours' to protect you from accidentally making calls during undesirable hours. To learn more click here (opens new window).

Last Updated:: 7/30/2022, 1:21:07 AM